Bionanotechnology EMM-Nano+ specialty

Katharina Hennig
The first semester of the second year is devoted to foundamental courses. The academic program is completed in the second semester by a master thesis, realized during a full time research internship of at least 5 months from February to June, in a laboratory or a research Institute. The program is as follows:

second year fall semester 24 ECTS minimum

Specializing courses: 15 ECTS

Recommended broadening courses: 9 ECTS minimum

Please complete your first year individual study program (ISP) done at KU-Leuven to reach at least 120 ECTS credits over the two years. Please note that the course Capita lectures series taught during the second year will be included in your first year ISP.

Full list of broadening courses: click here

Second year spring semester 30 ETCS

Published on  April 23, 2021
Updated on October 17, 2022