In the lab
From the school-year 2021-2022 UGA will open a Graduate School with 15 thematic programs, 2 of which are associated to the master Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies.

Formation through research

The master program N2   builds on the strength of the Grenoble research community to provide a strong formation through research.  A significant portion of the second year courses are taught by researchers of the partner institutes at the forefront of their scientific discipline, ranging from quantum physics, molecular electronics, active matter, regenerative medecine, etc... The standard curriculum contains more than 7 months of full time research internships: the M1 research internship of 2 months, and the 5-months master thesis in the last semester of the program.
In addition, the Research Intensive Training offers to the students the possibility of a continuous immersion in their labs in parallel to their courses, thanks to elective modules in  the first and second year. Following this training, students can achieve a substantial research contribution and actively prepare a continuation in PhD.

Graduate School UGA

Starting in 2021-2022 the UGA Graduate School brings together the university and its partner research institutes (CEA, CNRS, CHU, European Facilities) to achieve a high level of formation through and for research, combining the Master and PhD level. More than 60 PhD positions are offered each year in the domains of nanosciences and nanotechnologies in the Grenoble area.
The master N2 is associated to 2 thematic programs of the Graduate School: Quantum, and Soft Nanosciences. These programs are committed to ensure a large contribution of the research community to the academic formation and a strong connection to doctoral schools, providing an integrated PhD-track curriculum to students of these Graduate School programs.

Finding a research internship

In order to find a research internship, student can
- consult the webpage of their track dedicated to internships
- consult the "student corner" webpage of labs and research institutes of the Grenoble area
- ask advice to their track coordinator.

According to the french law, internships have to be covered by an Internship Agreement. During the internship the research institute pays to the student a stipend of 530€/month, for a maximum duration of 6 months in a given school year.