Katharina Hennig

The two-years track in Nano-biotechnologies is accessible to students having a Bachelor in physics, physico-chemistry, or engineering. Direct admission in second year is possible for students having completed 4 years of higher education and having a solid background in engineering sciences as well as a first course in molecular biology or cell biology. The track also welcomes:

The first year M1 Soft Matter and Biophysics provides students with a core knowledge in physical sciences, numerical and engineering methods, while elective courses provide a first background in biology. The second-year courses of the M2 Nanobiotechnologies include general biology courses, as well as a number of courses dealing with biosensors and micro-manufacturing techniques or broadband throughput screening and modeling, and data analysis in biology.

In addition to their academic courses, students perform a 2-months Research internship in May and June of their 1st year, credited 6 ECTS. They can choose to continue this research activity in the 1st semester of the 2nd year, by choosing the Research Training elective. Finally the whole 2nd semester of the M2 is devoted to a Master thesis, prepared during a minimum of 5 months internship in a top-level research team.

First year - 60 ETCS

Second year - Spring semester - 30 ETCS

Published on  April 10, 2019
Updated on March 8, 2023