The master N2

Guillaume Lavaitte, NanoArt Galerie of Nanosciences Fundation

At the crossroad of sciences

Nanoscience studies the elaboration, manipulation, and properties of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. Important properties of materials such as their electrical, optical or mechanical behaviour are determined by the way molecules and atoms assemble into larger structures on the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology is the application of this science in new nanomaterials, nano-devices and nano-concepts for designing new components, systems and products. Therefore, nanotechnology aims at providing us with the ability to design custom-made materials with any property we require.

These newborn disciplines lie at the interface between physics, chemistry, material science, micro-electronics, biotechnology. They lead to many innovations and start-ups  in a wide range of sectors from biosciences and medecine to quantum computing.

The master Nanoscience & Nanotechnology of Grenoble (master N2) is a 2-years program accessible to students with a background in physics, chemistry, engineering, or life sciences. It provides a top quality multidisciplinary education in nanoscience and nanotechnology with a  strong connection to research and important international exposure. The key features of master N2 are:

The program offers the best opportunities to continue in PhD with a strong multi-disciplinary background, or to join industrial development in a domain overflowing with applications in practically all sectors of the world economy.

Published on  May 30, 2016
Updated on February 1, 2024