Academic Program

structure Master Nano

The Master Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (called N2) is a two-years program organized by the University Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble National Polytechnic Institute (accreditation 2021-2026).

All courses are taught in English (except the M2 IMN taught in French) and welcome local, national, and international students.

Students can apply either to the first year (M1) or the second year (M2) depending on their previous academic background. Each year of the program is made of 60 ECTS.

The Master N2 has 3 tracks in first year (M1):

and 7 tracks in second year (M2):

Note that the M2 Ingénierie des Micro et Nanostructures is taught in French and is organized in "alternance" with professional students working in a company.

The program is also accessible to students of the European Erasmus Mundus Master EMM Nano+ doing the first year in Leuven and the second year in Grenoble.


An important aspect of the program is the education through research. In addition to their academic courses, students perform a 2-months research internship in May and June of the M1, credited 6 ECTS. They can choose to intensify their immersion in research labs by taking Research Intensive Training modules at various stage of their scolarity.  Finally, the whole second semester of the M2 is devoted to a Master thesis, prepared during a minimum of 5 months in a top-level research team.

The Master N2 is associated to the thematic programs of the UGA Graduate School Quantum and Soft Nano. These thematic programs promote a formation through research. They can be accessed only for a 2-years formation, starting at the M1 level.

Study abroad

The Master N2 also offers a joint-diploma Eramus Mundus Nano with KU Leuven, Belgium, and double-diplomas with the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia, and the Tsukuba University, Japan. See more information on international exchanges and the opportunities for studying abroad in the section study abroad.

Published on  May 30, 2016
Updated on June 5, 2023