Admission in GS Soft-Nano

The Graduate School Soft Nano is fully appropriate to students having completed a 4-years Bachelor's of science or engineering in physics, physico-chemistry, mechanics, chemical engineering. Three-year's Bachelors who have excellent academic results can also be admitted to the GS Soft Nano.
Admission to the Graduate School  Soft Nano requires:
- the academic admission in one of the M1 major listed below
- the admission in a research team of the program.
- a favorable advice of the program admission commission

Application and admission process

In order to apply to the Grad School Soft Nano you need:

1. to apply at UGA in one of the 1st year  majors listed below, via the ECandidat or the Etudes en France platform depending on your current situation (see "How to Apply"). If you are already admitted to Phelma Biomedical Engineering, you do not need to fulfill this step.

2. to  apply on the Graduate School UGA Application site.
You will have to upload a proof of application in one of the 1st years major listed above. This can be a screen-shot or a mail saying that your application is submitted. You will also to provide  a statement of interest in joining the Grad School Soft Nano: specify here what are your research interests.

3. to find a research supervisor and host research team under the guidance of the Head of the Soft Nanosciences program of the Graduate School.  Consult the internship offers for further informations. Admission to the Grad School Soft Nano program will be completed only after admission in a research laboratory.

Published on  May 26, 2021
Updated on April 7, 2023