University studies in France are relatively inexpensive compared to most european and north american countries, as higher education is highly subsidized by the french government.

The registration fee is revised annually by the french ministry of education. For 2019, the national tuition the following:

  • EU Students: approx 260 euros /per year
  • Non-EU students: 3770 euros /per year. But, provided that the applicants explicitely ask for it, this will not be applied by UGA in 2021, all students will pay the same tuition as EU students.
In addition to the registration fee students have to pay 90€ of contribution to the cost of student life (CVEC, compulsory).
Students are also required to subscribe to the national health insurance program (free of charge).
Students more than 28 who have interrupted their studies for more than 2 years, should contact the service of continuing education of adult students which will determine the tuition that they have to pay.


  • will quickly give you information about available grants for foreign students.
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  • The Eiffel excellence scholarship program is operated by Campus France and supports foreign students. Applications are submitted through universities. At UGA, the deadline for starting an application process for the next schoolyear is end of october or beginning of november. Contact the master N2 coordinator.
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  • The « Initiative d’excellence » (IDEX) of UGA offers a Master scholarship program opened to foreign students currently enrolled in a university outside France. You need to apply first to a master program at UGA. If you apply to master N2 by eCandidat, check the box regarding grants. If you apply by Campus France, contact your track coordinator to let know that you want to apply to the IDEX scholarship.
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  • The cluster of excellence Grenoble Alliance for Integrated Structural Cell Biology (GRAL) offers scholarships covering the 2nd year of master studies at UGA, of students enrolling in one of the master thesis project selected by the cluster. Students following the M2 Nanobioscience are eligible.
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  • The cluster of excellence TEC21 has an excellence scholarship program covering the 2nd year of master's studies at UGA. Students of all tracks of the master N2 are eligible.
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Other support

According to French law, during their research internship students receive a minimum gratification payed by the institute hosting the project.
The minimum legal amount is at least 560€/month for a full time internship.
The maximum legal length of an internship is 6 months per school year.