The Nanophysics track offers fundamental and applied courses on the physical properties, growth, nano-fabrication, and advanced characterization of nanostructures.

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The nanophysics track is accessible to students having completed a Bachelor in Physics. For direct admission in 2nd year see admission requirements. The M2 welcomes EMM Nano+ students.

It covers topics from crystal growth, quantum transport, photonics, nanomagnetism, spintronics,  applications (energy, microelectronics, sensors…) and nanofabrication techniques. The program combines high level courses and  trainings on top-equipments of research laboratories and clean rooms facilities of the Grenoble area.
The first year of the program, M1 in Nanophysics and Quantum physics, provides students with a basics and confirmed knowledge in quantum physics, solid state physics, semi-conductors and optics. The first semester of the second year is devoted to second year advanced courses. This academic program is completed in the 2nd semester by a master thesis, realized during a full time research internship of 5 months minimum from February to June, in a laboratory or a research institute.

First year 60 ECTS

Second year fall semester 30 ECTS

Core Course 9 credits

Applications9 among 12 credits

Specializing courses : 6 credits
2nd year Quantum thematic program courses or choose some broadening courses among
Thematic and interdisciplinary projects: 6 ECTS

Application courses may be replaced by courses taken from another Master 2 tracks after a formal approval of the Master 2 supervizor.

Second year Spring semester 30 ECTS

Published on  April 10, 2019
Updated on March 10, 2022