The  track "Nanophysics, Nanostructures" is accessible to students having completed the 1st year of the master N2 with the major Nanophysics.
It is also accessible directly to students having a 1st year of master in physics or a 4-year bachelor in physics, with the appropriate prerequisite in condensed matter physics.

This track offers fundamental and applied courses on nanostructures and their applications. The motivation is to give to the students a solid background on the growth, characterization and physical properties of nanostructures. The program combines high level courses and pluridiciplinary experimental trainings on top-equipments of research laboratories and clean rooms facilities of the Grenoble area.
The first semester of the school-year is devoted to fundamental courses in physics, completed by an experimental program in nanosciences common to all tracks of the mention N2, and a large choice of elective courses covering all the different aspects of nanophysics.
This academic program is completed in the 2nd semester by a master thesis, realized during a full time research internship of 5 months minimum from February to June, in a laboratory or a research institute.

Spring semester 30 ECTS

Foreign language 3 ECTS

Master thesis 27 ECTS