Thematic and interdisciplinary projects

This teaching unit will be combined the attendance of seminars (regular or extended) on Nanophysics and quantum engineering research topics, training on numerical simulation methods of Nanostructures and small research projects on quantum engineering

Seminars: A series of seminars (regular and extended ones) common to the Nanophysics and QIQE Master 2 specialities will complete the regular course offer during the fall semester. Specialists will present hot research topics in extended seminars while companies will present their interests and strategies in quantum technologies.

Training on numerical simulations: The aim of this training is to introduce concepts, methods and tools required to simulate the physical properties of nanoscopic systems and to describe their coupling to the environment. The course will be illustrated by examples in nanophotonics, transport, electronic properties.

Quantum engineering projects: these projects will be focused on the implementation of elementary quantum algorithms on superconducting quantum processors and simulators (IBM-Q experience). It relies on a “learning by doing” strategy. IBM offers cloud access to the most advanced quantum computers available. Learn, develop, and run programs on a real system with IBM Quantum Experience.

Published on April 23, 2021
Updated on April 23, 2021