Solid State Qbits

This course will present an introduction to quantum information using experimental devices. It will expose the main tools and concepts of quantum circuits and their implementation using Solid state Qubits.

Introduction : Overview of the different types of Qubits (atoms, photons and solid states)

Chapter 1: Superconducting Qubits
- Hamiltonian of an experimental circuit
- Qubit manipulation
- Circuit quantum electrodynamics and measurements.
- Decoherence processes
- Multi-Qubits

Chapter 2: Spin Qubits
- Semiconducting spin Qubits and their Hamiltonians
- Single and double dot Qubits
- Molecular Qubits and implementation of Grover algorithms.
- NV centers and optical detections.

Chapter 3: Prospects on quantum computing
- Scalability
- New materials
- Hybrid circuits

Quantum mechanics M1, Solid state physics M1, Semiconductor physics M1

Published on February 27, 2021
Updated on April 23, 2021