The goal of this course is to offer a pool of advanced Quantum Labworks covering a broad field of topics: quantum materials, quantum engineering, quantum information and quantum technologies. For the academic year 2021-2022 a first offer based on currently running Labworks will be proposed (see below). The offer will be extended from the academic year 2022-2023.

For 2021-2022, students will attend 16h of introductory courses and be split into small groups to prepare 4 among the 6 Labworks listed below (16 h) .

Labwork 1: « 2D Materials » 1, 4 h, Atomic force microscopy on carbon nanotubes and graphene, Raman spectroscopy on graphene. F. Marchi, N. Bendiab.
Labwork 2: « 2D Materials » 2, 4h Scanning transmission microscopy on graphite and on graphene bilayers, V. Renard.
Labwork 3: 4h Hall effect.
Labwork 4: 4h Superconductivity.
Labwork 5: Quantum optics 1, 4h Generation of entangled photon pairs using non linear optics. B. Boulanger, P. Segonds.
Labwork 6: Quantum optics 2, 4h Entanglement and Bell inequalities. David Ferrand.