Nano Art

A strong connection to research

The master N2 program is based on the early immersion of each student in the nanosciences and nanotechnologies environment of the Grenoble area. This early immersion favors contacts with research institutes, as more than 60 PhD positions are offered each year in the domains of nanosciences and nanotechnologies in the Grenoble area, either in academia, start-ups or high-tech industries.

The standard curriculum includes a 1st year research internship of at least 8 weeks, and a 2nd year research internship of 5 months for the master thesis. In the Research Intensive Track, 9 months are devoted to the research project over the two years of the master program, leading to the completion of a significant research work.

In addition students are immersed in the research world through the cross-disciplinary Research Training course of the 2nd year. 

The master thesis

The Master's thesis project is a personal research work performed during an internship of 5 months in a research team, usually from February to June of the 2nd year.  In the Research Intensive Track the master thesis starts the first year of the program, totalizing 9 months over the two years. As a graduate student, you will be responsible for a specific project in nanosciences under the guidance of a thesis supervisor. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with PhD students, post-docs, full-position researchers and professors.

The master thesis is evaluated by a thesis manuscript and a public defense. In this manuscript the student is expected to:

  • Provide a clear definition of the scientific or technologic problem tackeld
  • Demonstrate mastery of the scientific literature related to the problem
  • Describe the chosen approach to solve the problem, and present the results obtained
  • Perform a scientific discussion of these results in relation to the state of the art

The public defense is held in front of a jury, which evaluates the completion of the above expectations through the student presentation and answers to questions. The defense also prepares students to the concourses held by the Grenoble's doctoral schools for the attribution of UGA funded PhD's positions.

According to the French law, the research institute will pay you a "gratification" of 530€/month during your research internship, for a maximum duration of 6 months in a given school year.

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