Molecular electronics and magnetism


This course is an introductory course on molecular electronics and magnetism accessible for both chemists and physicists. Accordingly, it will be given by a physicist and a chemist to browse the two aspects of the subject. It will present in an illustrated and accessible fashion the principles of quantum  electron transport in molecular and nanoscale devices and offer an overview of this active field of Nanosciences. It will insist on the effect of inserting magnetically active molecules in such set-ups.

Detailed outline:
  • Physical/Chemical basis (distinct lecture for the two publics to bring them to a common language)
  • Mesoscopic transport
  • Magnetic anisotropy in Transion Metal and Lanthanide complexes
  • One-electron transistor
  • Transport through a quantum box
  • Single-Molecule Magnets (SMM)
  • Grafting and probing SMM on surfaces
  • Measuring the magnetic properties of single molecules
  • Article analysis
Prerequistes : Basis in coordination and supramolecular chemistry. Basis in electronic transport.
Published on April 11, 2019
Updated on February 11, 2022