Microscale mechanics and fluidics I: mechanics

Goal:  Mechanics plays a forefront role at the nanoscale,  from the generation of nano-structures by growth instabilities to the properties of nano-composite materials, the design of micro and nano-mechanical devices, the nano-imaging techniques, the control of biologic functions.  This course introduces the mechanics of continuous media and its main applications to nanosciences and nano-technologies.  

- Simple deformations, definition of elastic modulii E, G, K, nu
- Flexion of beams, static, dynamics and waves. Example: the AFM cantilever.
- 3D linear elasticity of isotropic media: strain tensor ;  elasticity as a field theory (expression of the free energy) ; stress tensor ; general equilibrium equation
- elastic instabilities in thin films
- elasticity of membranes, ADN coil.

Landau & Lifschitz "Theory of elasticity"

Published on April 7, 2019
Updated on June 1, 2023