Image and signal processing

This course is offered in the 1st year of the master of Mechanics. It is an appropriate elective course for nanophysicist students who want to pursue in nanobiosciences, nano-medecine, or soft nanosciences.

The course gives a general overview of some of the most common techniques used in image and signal processing. It has a special focus in fluid mechanics but is conceived for a broader audience that has some basic knowledge of calculus and physics.

The course starts with a review of the basic concepts of both signals and image processing (systems, block diagrams, Fourier series, 1 and 2D Fourier transforms, basic image manipulation, filters...). In a second stage, the course focalises in more complex statistical techniques like, for the case od signals, spectral analysis, correlation and structure functions. For the case of images, it covers the reconstruction of particle trajectories and the basics of PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) analysis. For this last module, students will learn to post-process actual experimental image via ImageJ and matlab/octave.

Published on April 7, 2019
Updated on February 12, 2021