M1 Soft Matter & Biophysics

The M1 Soft Matter and Biophysics is accessible to student having a background in physics, physico-chemistry, or engineering, including mechanical and chemical engineering.
The core courses provide the theoretical, numerical and experimental background to pursue a 2nd year (M2) in 
Soft Nanosciences
The curriculum contains a significant amount of electives, allowing students to broaden their formation in biology and biophysics, or in physico-chemistry and engineering, depending on the M2 program they head for.

The M1 Soft Matter & Biophysics can be followed through the UGA Graduate School Programm in Soft Nanosciences. In this case students follow the Research Methodology course in the 1st semester and take only 6 credits of elective courses. In the second semester they take the Graduate School Soft-Nano internship and do not take electives.

2nd semester  30 ECTS

Core courses 18 ECTS

Internship 6 or 12 ECTS

Research internship 6 ECTS
Grad School Soft-Nano Research Project 12 ECTS(*)

Electives 0 or 6 ECTS among

Modeling in systems biology

other courses in M1 Nano-chemistry,  Nano-physics, or Applied Mechanics
(*) courses of the Graduate School Thematic Program in Soft Nanosciences.
Published on  October 15, 2020
Updated on June 14, 2022