GS Soft Nanosciences Research Project

This Teaching Unit of 12 credits is followed by students registered to the Soft Nanosciences Program of the UGA Graduate School GS@UGA.

Students develop the research project that they have started in the Research Methodology course of the 1st semester, on a subject related to nanosciences or nanotechnologies.
In the 2nd semester this corresponds to a minimum of 3 months equivalent-full-time (14 weeks) of research in an laboratory or research institute. From January up to Mid-April (before the exams of the spring semester) the research internship takes place in parallel to the courses, during two days a week. From the end of April up to the end of June, the internship is performed at full time.
The internship can be extended during the summer up a to length of 6 months.  
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At the end of June students produce a scientific report of about 40 pages including the bibliography. The report introduces their subject, the state of the art, and their objectives. It describes the methods they have used,  their implementation, and discusses the results obtained during the internship. The reports concludes by giving perspectives of the performed work.

Student also produce a poster summarizing their research, to be presented to the next September session of the European School on Nanosciences and Nanotechnology.

Students then present their results and poster during an oral defense in front of a pluri-disciplinary jury. The defense is based on a presentation of 15mn followed by 10mn of questions.
Published on June 14, 2021
Updated on September 8, 2021