A key feature of the master Nanoscience and Nanotechnology relies on a large panel of labworks at the current state-of-the-art of the field. All labworks have been developed and are under the supervision of professors that have their research activities in direct link with the subject.

At  UGA  a strong effort is dedicated to educational innovation  through the presence of technology centers dedicated to lab sessions (CIME Nanotech, CUBE, Chemistry platform). UGA strongly encourages trans-disciplinary teaching approach and transfer of knowledge and how-known from research to education.

The association of these high level labworks and regular courses provides a broad and original education in nano-fields to the students enrolled in our Nanosciences and Nanotechnology master.

Examples of Nano labworks available:

  • “Morphological and Mechanical studies of biological cells fixed on a micro-functionalized pattern by Atomic Force and Fluorescence microscopies techniques”. This PW of 12hours addresses biochemical and physical concepts at the nanoscale, it takes place at CUBE and CIME-Nanotech.
  •  “Chemical Synthesis of metallic nanoparticules and their morphological characterization by UV -visible optical technique and Atomic Force Microscopy”. This PW of 8 hours takes place at Chemical platform of UJF and CIME Nanotech.
Other labworks are performed in the course Nanosciences, such as Atomic Force Spectroscopy, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Diffusive Light Scattering, etc....