• Grenoble, european capital of nanotechnologies.

  • The master nanochemistry provides an overview of a large variety of nanoobjects, from their elaboration to their applications in high-technology materials, nanoelectronics, but also health and environment.

  • The master nanophysics offers fundamental and applied courses on nanostructures and their applications in the growing field of quantum engineering and information. The program combines high level courses and pluridiciplinary experimental trainings in research laboratories and clean rooms facilities of the Grenoble area.

  • Life is a laboratory for nanotechnologies encompassing by far human-made devices. The master nanobiosciences introduces students to the fascinating world of interfacing nano-aspects of life with nanotechnologies

  • SoftNano proposes a strong formation in physic of soft materials at the nanoscale. It combines theroetical description and experimental investigations of phenomenon as diverse as fluid transport at the nanoscale, or self-organisation of functional molecules in nanoobjects, as can be found in everyday life as well as in the most technological applications.

  • This master program dedicated to fundamental research covers fundamental aspects of quantum physics, experimental implementations, and their applications to quantum information, quantum communication and quantum engineering

  • Ce M2 en alternance est enseigné en français.

  • The Research Intensive Track is dedicated for students having a four year bachelor. Students follow a research project over the tow years of the master.



14th December 2019: Opening of applications in Campus France

10th February 2020: opening of applications on E-candidat

Monday 1st September 2020: orientation session of the 2020-2021 school-year




Cyrille Train


Thi-Phuong Pourtier
Dounia Moukadem

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