Solid state physics II

Goal: This solid-state physics class is the follow up of Solid-State Physics I. It goes one step further in the description of solid properties, including light-matter interactions (polarons, polaritons), effects of magnetic field (Landau levels, Fermi surfaces) and new states of matter (introduction to superconductivity and magnetic order).


  • Review of electronic band structures.
  • Effects of interactions: plasmons, polarons and polaritons.
  • Effects of magnetic field: Landau levels, probe of Fermi surfaces, quantum Hall effect.
  • New states of matter : superconductivity, magnetic phases, spin Hamiltonians, magnons.

Introduction to solid state physics, 8th edition, Charles Kittel
Solid state physics, Neil Ashcroft and David Mermin

Published on September 16, 2021
Updated on February 23, 2023