Some testimonies from former students:

  Anil Kumar Bharwal: I came to Grenoble in the framework of the partnership with University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. I completed this master 2 in Nanochimie and Nanoobjects in 2010. Following this formation was the occasion for me to orientate my initial general formation in Material Science towards Nanosystems and Nanostructured Materials for energy application and to discover France. I am now engaged in a collaborative PhD at LEPMI (Grenoble-INP, France) and GREEnMat lab (University of Liege, Belgium). The topic of my PhD thesis is Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cell.

Siddharta Varma: I was fascinated by the enjoyment derived from my batchelor's studies in chemistry. Owing to my interest in research, I pursued my masters in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies at Grenoble, in the framework of the partnership with University of Delhi, India.  Since novembre 2013 I am engaged in a PhD thesis at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics in Grenoble. WIth my background in chemistry, it was challenging to think beyond a one-dimensional research field. But so far, I have been able to related well the physical aspects of my project, and effectively utilize my attributes acquired as a chemist. I am confident that with my fed inputs I will be able to achieve the desired targets.

  Adeline Depraz-Depland: A student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, holder of the agregation in chemistry and a Master degree in Chemistry, I also hold a Life Sciences Master degree (M2) with a speciality in structural biology and nanobiology. (forerunner of the Nanobiotechnology N² Master programme). I have chosen to do my thesis in Grenoble and joined the Laboratory for the Study of differentiation and cell adhesion (CNRS-UJF) of the Albert Bonniot Institute.


  Dimitri Houssamedine: After a first year of graduate studies in physics at the University of Lorient, I joined the School of Physics (ENSPG) of the INPG in Grenoble. While in my last year at the INPG, I managed to register in the second year (M2) of the Nanophysics option of the Physics and Engineering Master programme. This programme is now the Nanophysics option of the N² Master programme. I am currently working on my doctoral thesis at the Spintec laboratory (CEA-CNRS-UJF-INPG) based at the CEA Grenoble.


  Olivier Robin: After my A levels, I studied at both the University of Savoy and Joseph Fourier University. I now hold a Professional Master degree in "Thin Layers engineering, micro and nanostructures." Since fall 2007, this Nanoengineering program is part of the N² Master program, as its professional component. Following these studies, I was offered an engineer position at Freescale Semiconductors.


  Aurélien Gasnier: After a diversified academic path, I decided to join the Joseph Fourier University (UJF) for my thesis. My aim was to study nanochemistry. It was possible for me at the doctoral level at the UJF. It will now be possible for students at the master’s level. After a master degree in chemistry from the University of Metz, I was lucky enough to be introduced to nanotechnologies during an internship at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. Now I am working on my doctoral thesis in the Department of molecular chemistry at the UJF. I work in a very stimulating scientific environment with physicists from the Néel Institute (CNRS) to develop research in molecular electronics.