Characterization of (bio) molecular interactions, nanomaterials, surfaces and interfaces


Jérôme Dejeu (UJF),

Frederic Dubreuil (UJF),

Bruno Gilles (CNRS)

Jacques Pécaut (CEA)

Jean-Luc Putaux (CNRS)

Yvonne Soldo (CNRS) 

Summary: The main analytical techniques to characterize molecular and biomolecular interactions, nanomaterials, surfaces and interfaces will be presented by the lecturers.

Prerequistes: Quantummechanics,solidstatephysics,statisticalphysics.     

Presented techniques:

- Electronic microscopies

- Near field microscopies (AFM,STM,SNOM,…)

Note that a more detailed approach of these techniques is available as an elective course.

- Surface analysis (XPS, AES, SIMS, EXAFS…)

- X-ray diffraction

- Large facilities (neutrons, ESRF)

- Optical techniques (ellipsometry, spectroscopies, SPR, OWLS,..)

- Nanogravimetry