Physics of Semi-Conductors and semi-conductor devices

Number of Hours CM : 20 h

Number of Hours Exercice class : 12 h


Contact: Jalal Jomaah and Edwige Bano

Goals: To introduces the physical phenomena which appear in semiconductor materials and are used in microelectronic sensors or devices. 
To understand the physics and operation of basic semiconductor devices: PN junctions, metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) capacitors, MOS transistors.

Content: Physical and electrical conducting properties of semiconductors.

  • Semiconductor elementary properties at equilibrium (structures, energy bands, electron and hole, doping)

  • Poisson equation and consequences (Space Charge Region, potential barrier or well)
Weak perturbations of equilibrium : charge transport (conduction, carrier mobility, diffusion, Hall effect)

  • Strong perturbations of equilibrium (carrier generation and recombination)
Principle of operation and electrical characteristics of basic semiconductor devices: 
PN junctions

  • MOS capacitors

  • MOS transistors

Prerequisites. Basics of :

Quantum Physics
Statistical Physics

  • Solid-State Physics (electronic properties, energy bands, charge carriers)