Some research internship offers

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Master's thesis offers by
Neel Institute: see here
Interdisciplinary Physics Laboratory LiPhy: see here
Laboratoire des Technologies de la Microélectronique: see here
CEA-LETI: see here
High Magnetic Field National Laboratory LNCMI: see here
Material and  Physical Engineering Laboratory (LMPG): see here
Forum of Near-Field Probes Microscopies

New offers:

  • Multifunctional molecule-based materials: towards multiferroics. A nano-chemistry project. Contact Pr. Cyrille Train: . More informations below and here
  • Biomimetic platform for molecular and cellular studies  a nano-chemistry and nanobiosciences project at LMGP. See also here. Contact:
  • Is cellular matrix a mechano-sensor ?  a nano-bioscience project at LiPhy. Contact:
  • Synthesis of powdered and thin-films photo and thermo switchable molecular materials a nano-chemistry project at the Molecular Chemistry Department. More informations here. Contact:  
  • Theoretical prediction of stable B and N-doped C60 and their synthesis pathways a nano-physics project at CEA-INAC.  More informations here. Contact:
  • UV light emission with nanowires a nano-physics project at Institut Neel.  Contact:  
  • Flying Qbits architectures a nano-physics project at Institut Neel.  Contact:  
  • Superconducting electronics in the Terahertz a nano-physics project.  Contact:  
  • Graphene-based superconducting quantum bit a nano-physics project at Institut Neel.  Contact:  
  • New generation of phosphors for LED lighting, a nano-chemistry project. Contact Pr. Isabelle Gautier-Luneau    More informations  here
  • Sensing intra-tissular pressure by rotational diffusion a nano-biophysics project at LiPhy.  Contact:  
  • Micro-tubule lattice dynamics at LiPhy.  Contact:  
  • Innovative Phase-Change Materials for the High Density Memory of the Future at CEA-LETI.  Contact: or  
  • Experimental and computational analysis of bacterial self-replicators. A nano-biophysics project. Contacts: and
  • Adaptive  Actin  Architecture. A nano-biophysics project. Contact: Laurent    Blanchoin:         or    Manuel    Théry:    
  • Biomimectics models for cell invasion. A nano-biophysics project. Contact Isabelle Tardieux at Inserm:
  • Polymer brushes under flow. A nano-biophysics project. Contact Lionel Bureau:
  • High-resolution traction force microscopy. A nano-bioscience project. Contact Delphine Debarre:
  • Bulk silicon nanowires growth for energy storage devices. A nano-materials project. Contact Pascale Chenevier: . More informations on
  • Water transport in soft confinement. A nano-physics project. Contact Marie Plazanet
  • Modelling the structure and stability of graphene nanoscrolls. A nano-physics project. Contact Florent Calvo
  • Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy (FS) studies of G-quadruplexe DNA conformations. A nano-biology project. Contact Jérome Dejeu
  • Molecular Simulation and Theory of Gas Transport across Thin Liquid Films. A nano-chemistry project. Contact Benoit Coasne
  • Energy conversion from nanofluidic mixing. A nano-physics project. Contact Cyril Picard
  • Nanophononics: heat transport in the quantum limit at low temperature. A nano-physics project at Institut Néel. Contact Dr. O. Bourgeois  See more offers at
  • Scattering theory of light absorption in dye sensitized solar cells. A nano-photonics project. Contact Dr. D. Mayou or Y. Joly,      See also other offers at
  • Occlusion dynamics in blood capillary networks. A microfluidics and nano-biology project.  Contact Dr. Coupier at LiPhy  More infos at
  • Displacement and rotation of microparticules (solids, living cells) using acoustic waves. Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics. Contact Pr. Thibaut
  • Role of oxidation in the melting transition of metallic nanoparticles, A nano-material sciences project. Contact Dr. F. Calvo at Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics,    More infos at