Some research internship offers

Master's thesis offers by
Institut Neel: see here
Liphy: see here
Laboratoire des Technologies de la Microélectronique: see here
CEA-LETI: see here
LNCMI: see here
Forum of Near-Field Probes Microscopies

New offers for 2-years master's thesis subjects (M1+M2)

  • Study of interacting particles under shear by optical tweezers . A nano-fluidic project. Contact Pr. H. Bodiguel     More informations at
  • New generation of phosphors for LED lighting. A nano-chemistry project, ee below. Contact Pr. I. Gautier-Luneau,    More information at
  • AFM and scattering studies of nano-particle self-assemblies at liquid-liquid interfaces. Nano-physics or material science project, see below.  Contact Dr. D. Pontoni at European Synchrotron Research Facility 
  • Neurites growth in a microfluidic chip. See below. Contact Dr. T. Honegger , Laboratoire des Technologies de la Micro-Electronique.


  • Nanophononics: heat transport in the quantum limit at low temperature. A nano-physics project at Institut Néel. Contact Dr. O. Bourgeois  See more offers at
  • Scattering theory of light absorption in dye sensitized solar cells. A nano-photonics project. Contact Dr. D. Mayou or Y. Joly,      See also other offers at
  • Magnetic skyrmions in ultrathin films: materials and physics. A project in nanophysics at Institut Néel. Contact Dr. S. Pizzini
  • Spatial fluid correlations in a nano-porous material. A condensed matter and nano-physics project . Contact Dr. E. Wolf,      More offers at
  •  Coarse-grained modelling of the compaction of bacterial DNA, a theoretical and numerical project at the interface with life-sciences. Contact Dr. M. Joyeux at Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics. More informations at
  • Cell homing at the blood vessel wall - coupling physical and chemical cues. The internship project is interdisciplinary, combining elements of soft matter physics, physical-chemistry and biology. Contact Dr.  D. Debarre or Dr. L. Bureau   at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics, Bureau    
  • Occlusion dynamics in blood capillary networks. A microfluidics and nano-biology project.  Contact Dr. Coupier at LiPhy  More infos at
  • Displacement and rotation of microparticules (solids, living cells) using acoustic waves. Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics. Contact Pr. Thibaut
  • Shaping an embryo with mechanical ingredients, a nano-biology project, contact Dr. Marmottant at Liphy,    see more at
  • Role of oxidation in the melting transition of metallic nanoparticles, A nano-material sciences project. Contact Dr. F. Calvo at Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics,    More infos at
  • Molecular Magnetism: from discrete clusters to multifunctionnal networks, a nano-chemistry project,  LNCMI, Contact Prof C. Train,
  • Quantum modeling of organic solar cells and organic light emitting diodes using theoretical methods from physical chemistry/chemical physics a nano-chemistry project, Department of Molecular Chemistry, contact Prof. Mark Casida