Research Intensive Track

This track is dedicated to students totalizing four years of higher education (equivalent to 240 ECTS).  It is appropriate for graduated students having a 4-years Batchelor's of Science, or students having followed the first year of a master in biology or life science and who want to re-orient towards nano-biotechnologies or nano-medecine.

The Research Intensive Track includes a long master thesis of 48 ETCS. Students perform a research project in their specialization, during an internship of 5 months minimum each year in a research team (10 months in total). The first year and the 2nd year projects are usually a continuation of each other and are performed with the same adviser, but this is not compulsory and students can choose a different project in the 2nd year if they wish.

The first year of the Research Intensive Track includes the General Interest courses, the Common Program in Nanosciences, and the Specialization courses of the standard first year program. The last two blocks are replaced by the research project in the choosen specialization, totalizing 24 ETCS. The 2nd year of the master is the same as the standard program, and includes the research internship of 5 months minimum.

According to the French law, the research institute will pay you a "gratification" of 530€/month during your research internship, for a maximum duration of 6 months in a given school year.

See here for more informations on the master thesis, and here for finding a master thesis project.