Katharina Hennig

The M2 Nanobiotechnologies track is accessible automatically to students who have completed the 1st year of the master N2 in the major Soft Matter and Biophysics.  Students who have followed the major Nanophysics or Nanochemistry in the first year can also be admitted upon advice. They must have followed a first course in molecular biology or cell biology.
The M2 Nanobiotechnologies is also accessible directly for students having a 4 years bachelor in science or a first year of master in science, if they have the appropriate prerequisites. Contact the program coordinators.

Taught courses include general biology courses, as well as a number of courses dealing with biosensors and micro-manufacturing (microfluidics, surface functionalization), techniques of broadband throughput screening and modeling and data analysis in biology. These courses are also available to students in the Soft-Nano track.

In addition to this, a long research internship in a laboratory is compulsory to complete the program.

Spring semester 30 ETCS

Foreign language 3 ECTS

Master thesis 27 ECTS