Phase-Change Memory

Inside the Phase-Change Memory and Selector chalcogenide materials of tomorrow: Optical and X-Ray Spectroscopies for Physics Understanding and Close-to-Process Metrology
CEA-Leti is leader in metrology techniques for the qualification and investigation of chalcogenide materials, with huge knowledge thanks to several successful industrial projects on Phase-Change Memory development. Innovative phase-change (PCM) and selector (OTS) materials are being introduced for next generation devices, resulting in increasing needs for multiscale compositional and structural characterization.

The work will fucus on the development of inline analysis methodology of PCM & OTS layers: surface and bulk analyses using X-ray (XPS, XRF) and optical (Raman, FTIR) techniques, with spatial dimensions from mm down to µm scale. Focus on specific layers: a) PCM: Ge-rich GeSbTe materials, GeN/GST multilayered stacks; b) OTS: Sb-based and As-based alloys.

The student will investigate the morphology, the composition and the structural evolution of the studied layers in time (ageing), after and during thermal annealing, and for different encapsulation layers. The results will feed ab initio simulations for hypothesis validation and deeper understanding of structural mechanisms.

Requested background:  Material sciences, Physics or Nanotechnology
Published on November 27, 2020
Updated on November 27, 2020