Molecular Dynamic of pathological protein fibers

Alongside their native, functional structure, proteins tend to aggregate, resulting in the irreversible loss of the native protein conformation and function.
  Protein aggregates can have deleterious if not fatal effects, as manifested in human amyloidal diseases such as Alzheimer (AD) and Parkinson disease (PD). At the molecular level, there is a crucial lack of understanding on how soluble proteins convert to pathological insoluble amyloid aggregates. Recently, liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS; generating intracellular membraneless compartments in biological cells) was proposed to be a key intermediate for protein aggregation. This M2 project aims at obtaining insights into changes in molecular structure and dynamics during fibrillation of two medically important intrinsically disordered proteins (i.e. tau and -synuclein, involved in AD and PD, respectively) through the application of a broad arsenal of experimental and computational biophysical techniques, including neutron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. The project is in collaboration with Prof. D. Tobias (UC Irvine), Dr. Yann Fichou (IECB Bordeaux) and Dr. Tilo Seydel (Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble).

Competences that will be acquired after the intership : Protein expression and purification, neutron scattering

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Selected publications:
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Published on June 21, 2021
Updated on April 28, 2023