Research facilities in Nanosciences

The Inter-University Center for MicroElectronics and NanoTechnology, (CIME) gathers 8 technological platforms  occupying more than 3000 m2, dedicated to reseach and teaching in microelectronics and nanotechnology. It welcomes every year 280 researchers and 1 400 students coming from 70 programs from all France.



The Up-line Technological Platform, (PTA),  is a class 1000 clean room grouping laboratories from the CNRS, CEA, INP and UJF, extending over 500 m² in two buildings. The PTA meets the specific requirements of Grenoble up-line research in terms of technological and technical facilities dedicated to nanosciences in the micro- nanotechnologies field. Its various methods and equipment facilities for lithography, deposition or etching, enable integration of nano-objects and nano-materials, or patterning of thin layers in the nanometric range.


The Nanofab  platform of Institut Néel is a micro-nanofabrication center dedicated to the production of objects for basic research, primarily through lithography techniques. Practicals are organized for the students of Université Joseph Fourier and for the European School of Nanoscience (Esonn).



The NanoCharacterization platform,  and the Materials Characterization Center of Grenoble -INP  host nano-scale characterization techniques for nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, such as X-rays and ion beams surface analysis,  optical microscopies, electron microscopies, near-field microscopies, nano-mechanical and nano-indentation equipements, etc...