"A mountain at the end of every street"

The campus of UGA is located at the heart of an exceptional natural site, the junction of three valleys leading respectively to Switzerland, Italy and the Mediterrannea. It is surrounded by three mountain ranges with summits reaching more than 4000 m and several wilderness conservation areas. This unique surroundings make Grenoble and its region a playground for all kinds of sports all year round. See here for more informations

With 1 habitant out of 5 being a student, Grenoble is ranked the 1st  city in France for the quality of student life. It is a lively city with museums, concert venues and theatres, jazz, music and theatre festivals.

The UGA is an attractive university for international students, and more than a third of its 1,350 PhD students come from abroad.

Prepare your stay in Grenoble
'Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes' has a website entirely dedicated to international students, to help you prepare your future stay here. Several aspects are presented, including :

  • And if you still have questions regarding the preparation of your arrival that are not related to the admission (see how to apply), feel free to contact the ISSO team, they will be glad to help you!


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