Grenoble, European capital of micro and nanotechnology

Grenoble-Isère is the 2nd largest economical region in France after the Paris-Ile de France area, and the top French region for young people, scientists and engineers,  considering its economic dynamism. Many international companies have been born or have settled in Grenoble area, which is home to R&D departments of  Air Liquide, Alstom Hydro, Ahlstrom Paper Group, ArjoWiggins, BD, bioMérieux,Bull, Lafarge, Oracle, Orange Labs, Schneider Electric, Soitec, STMicroelectronics, Vicat, Xerox-XRCE, etc.. 

An International Center of Excellence in Micro-Nanoelectronics: The Grenoble/Crolle complex is one of the greatest world cluster in microelectronics, with East Fishkill in the US, and Hsinchu in Taiwan. As the race towards miniaturization drives the costs of integrated circuits, Grenoble has also become a major center for nanotechnologies. Today the area counts about 22,050 jobs in electronics and micro-nanotechnologies. Find more informations here on the Program Nano 2017

As smart technologies diffuse in all domains, the Grenoble area is also very active in medical and biotechnologies, and in new energy technologies, representing 39,500 jobs in the domain of advanced technologies. The Innovallée at Meylan, the 1st french science park dedicated to innovation, gathers 900 research jobs in 330 companies, more than 100 of which making business at an international level. 

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