The Grenoble area, with its concentration of more than 2,000 researchers in the field of nanoscience, constitutes a major international-scale sector in Europe within this active field of modern science. Among those 2,000 researchers, half are doctorands or post-doctorands who come for training in the laboratories of the Grenoble area. In order to improve the training of M2 students and to increase the student inflow in response to the laboratories’ demand,  establishments have grouped themselves together to offer a training of excellence covering all aspects of nanoscience.

By relying not only on the very high level of scientific skills and excellence of academic researchers of the Grenoble area (2 academicians, 1 CNRS Golden Medal, 2 CNRS Silver Medals, 3 professors from the French University Institute), but also on the unique concentration in France of available nanofabrication and nanocharacterisation facilities, the Nanoscience Master ensures an unsurpassed training.