Grenoble, 5th most inventive city in the world

le 3 novembre 2013

Grenoble elected 5th most inventive cities in the world in the last ranking of the american magazine Forbes

In july 2013 the economic magazine Forbes published its ranking of the most inventive cities in the world ( In this ranking based on the total number of patent produced for every 10,000 residents in a metropolitan area, Grenoble is at the 5th position.

« World's 15 Most Inventive Cities »
1- Eindhoven (Pays-Bas), 2- San Diego (Etats-Unis), 3- San Francisco (Etats-Unis), 4- Malmo (Suède), 5- Grenoble (France), 6- Stuttgart (Allemagne), 7- Boston (Etats-Unis), 8- Stockholm (Suède), 9- Minneapolis (Etats-Unis), 10- Munich (Allemagne), 11- Mannheim (Allemagne), 12- Goteborg (Suède), 13- Seattle (Etats-Unis), 14- Copenhagen (Danemark), 15- Raleigh (Etats-Unis).

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