This page contains information on the possibilities of financing your studies with the help of scholarships for foreign students. Please see our practical informations on studying in Grenoble to get a realistic idea about the minimum necessary budget for living in Grenoble.

TUITION: Our Master program is very demanding in terms of resources, due to practical trainings in state-of-the-art nanotechnology facilities that all our students receive. The total cost is evaluated to be more than ten thousand euro per student and per year. For students of age less than 28, and who have not interrupted their studies for more than 2 years, the major part of these expenses is subsidized by the French government. If you are in this case you have only to pay an enrollment fee of about 250 euro per year, plus a premium for mandatory health insurance. It is important to realize that acceptance in our program is equivalent to a yearly scholarship of more than ten thousand euro, payed by the French taxpayer.

If you are more than 28 or have interrupted your studies for more than 2 years, you should consult the service of Continuing Education of adult Students to determine the tuition that you have to pay.


The Grenoble Alpes University has a Master Scholarship program to which you can apply. See here for informations.

Other pre-doctorate scholarship programs are run by the Clusters of Excellence of the Grenoble area such as GRAL, Tec21. The scholarships usually cover the 2nd year of the master, but some scholarships are awarded for the two years program. Students must enroll in a research master thesis offered by one the research institute affiliated to the Cluster of Excellence.

Cluster of excellence GRAL

Cluster of excellence TEC21

The website helps students to find financial help for their studies in Europe. It is based on about 12 00 programs covering various kind of costs for which students may need financial help (costs of living, tuition fees, accomodation costs, etc...).


According to French law, during their research internship students receive a minimum gratification of 530€/month payed by the research institute hosting the project. The maximum length of the research internship is 6 months per school year. Research internships can be performed full-time, or part-time spread over the entire school year. In the latter case the gratification is calculated prorata.