Neutron scattering to study the structure and dynamics of proteins

On October 11, 2021
Dr Martin WEIK - Group DYNAMO of the Institute of Structural Biology - Grenoble
Proteins are the molecular engines of life. Their broad range of biological tasks and functions is reflected in the large diversity of specific structural and dynamical characteristics they display on broad length and time scales. Neutron scattering, carried out e.g. at Grenoble's Institut Laue Langevin, is a power full tool that provides atomic-resolution insight into protein structures and information on protein dynamics on the nano- to picosecond time scale. The major neutron methodologies used to study the structural biology of proteins (crystallography, reflectometry, SANS, spectroscopy) will be explained and illustrated with examples. A particular focus will be the contribution of neutron scattering to study the dynamics of those proteins and their hydration water that can form the pathological fibers involved in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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Published on  September 6, 2021
Updated on  September 9, 2021