classThe 2nd year (M2) of the master N2 offers 7 tracks

M2 Ingénierie des Micro and Nanostructures (IMN)
M2 Nanobiotechnologies
M2 Nanochemistry
M2 Nanomedecine
M2 Nanophysics
M2 Soft-Nano
M2 Quantum Engineering Quantum Information (QIQE)

The  M2 IMN is taught in french. All other M2 are fully taught in english.


The M2 tracks are accessible automatically upon completion of the appropriate major of the 1st year.
Direct admission at the level M2 is also possible for students who have 4 years of higher education equivalent to 240 ECTS, and the appropriate background for the specific track, see Admission Requirements.

The final admission in IMN requires, in addition to the academic admission, a job in alternance in a company.


Except IMN which is organized in alternance, all M2 tracks are built around a 1st semester dedicated to courses, and a 2nd semester dedicated to a research internship of minimum 5 months.


The M2 tracks of the master N2 prepare the students for a fundamental or applied PhD in one of the associated Doctoral School of UGA.
Some students also directly join R&D departments of companies as engineers specialized in one of the many domains of nanosciences.