“Hands On” activities of the Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Master

Florence Marchi Associate Professor at Université Joseph Fourier,  received the prize for innovative education at the 8th French-speaking Colloquium for Teaching Systems and Information Technologies and Sciences. The prize was awarded for her presentation of the force-feedback nanomanipulator, which allows students and the general public to “touch the Nanoworld with their fingertips”.



A key asset of the Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Master relies on a large panel of Practical Works at the current state-of-the-art of the field. All PWs have been developed and are under the supervision of professors that have their research activities in direct link with the PW subject.

At  UJF  a strong effort is dedicated to Educational Innovation  through the presence of technology centers dedicated to lab sessions, (CUBE, Chemistry platform). UJF strongly encourages trans-disciplinary teaching approach and transfer of knowledge and how-known from research to education.

Thanks to a close collaboration with research institutes and industrial companies, these partners welcome in-house practical work sessions.

The association of these high level PWs and regular courses provides a broad and original education in Nano-fields to the students enrolled in our Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Master.

Examples of Nano Practical Works available:

On the 1st year of Master

  • “Morphological and Mechanical studies of biological cells fixed on a micro-functionalized pattern by Atomic Force and Fluorescence microscopies techniques”. This PW of 12hours addresses biochemical and physical concepts at the nanoscale, it takes place at CUBE and CIME-Nanotech. Level: M1
  •  “Chemical Synthesis of metallic nanoparticules and their morphological characterization by UV -visible optical technique and Atomic Force Microscopy”. This PW of 8 hours takes place at Chemical platform of UJF and CIME Nanotech. Level: M1

On the 2nd year of Master

  •  Autonomous magnetic devices for micro/nano particle handling, at CIME-Nanotech (11h)
  •  “FIB/TEM for ultimate characterization of nanoelectronic components” at Crolles center of ST Microelectronic, level M2, 4hours
  • “MEMS and NEMS conception” at CEA-LETI (4H)