Nanosciences Lab session

The 1st year of the master N2 is organized in 2 semesters of 30 credits each.
Common courses are compulsory for all students.
Program courses are compulsory within each track, and ensure that students acquire the prerequisite to follow one of the M2 tracks.
Elective courses  allow students to broaden their background. They can be choosen in the list of electives, but also in program courses of another track than the one followed by the student (depending on the time-table).
For instance the compulsory nano-chemistry course "From Solution to Solid" is available to nanophysicists, whereas the nanophysics courses "Solid state electrons and phonons" and "micro- and nanofluidics" are available to nanochemists, etc...

Note that bio-related courses are first level courses dedicated to students with no background in biology, and are not recommended for students having a bachelor in life sciences.  Students with a physics or engineer background who want to pursue in the M2 nanobiosciences or nano-medecine, follow the Nanophysics track, and choose elective courses in biology.