Nanosciences Lab session

The 1st year of the master N2 offers 3 majors:  all taught in english. Each of these majors prepares to several 2nd year tracks (M2) of the master N2. For instance the M1 Nanochemistry prepares and gives access to the M2 Nanochemistry, the M2 IMN, and upon advice to the M2 Nanobiotechnologies.

All first year majors can be followed through the Research Intensive Track. In this case the elective of the program are replaced by the Research Intensive Track internship.

The first year is organized in 2 semesters of 30 credits each. Each semester is completed successfully if all the courses of the semester are validated, or, if the average grade obtained for this semester is larger or equal to 10, and no grade is below 8.

Core courses are compulsory, and provide the prerequisite to pursue in the targeted M2.
Elective courses  allow students to broaden their background. They can be chosen in the list of electives, but also in the core courses of other M1 majors, depending on the time-table.